The purpose of this module is to provide students with a well-informed, practical and critical understanding of financial analysis and financial decision-making applicable to the role of divisional and functional managers. It brings together crucial topics from financial accounting, management accounting, and financial management. In the financial accounting sessions, we cover the key topics related to information aimed at external users (e.g. preparation of financial accounts and analysis and interpretation of the principal financial accounting statements) while during the management accounting lectures we focus on what is relevant for organisational/internal users – in terms of relying on accounting information to plan, monitor and make decisions.

This is a giant wiki for EBS staff.

General Strategies and Polocies and Project Management - This module is designed to introduce students to the concept and nature of strategy and strategic decision-making, and the development and implementation of strategy within organisations. It applies a wide range of analytical techniques and frameworks to understanding the value of strategy in the creation of organisational knowledge and the development of businesses and their strategic choice and decision making.