Skills for Success

During your time at University you will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills. While a good honours degree will set you on the path to graduate-level employment it is only one element of your graduate profile. To ensure that you are successful after graduation you will need to provide evidence of what we call employability skills (e.g. teamwork, initiative, communication and problem solving skills). To help you develop your employability skills there are a number of opportunities available to you across campus. Further information about Skills for Success is available from the Careers Centre website. 

This course is compulsory for all students going on a Placement Year.  To complete the module, view the short videos and then complete the quiz in Section 15.

This course is for postgraduate masters students studying at Essex. It includes study and research skills for learning at masters level, and outlines the values and practices which underpin academic life at Essex.

Final Year Focus support package by Student Development (2020)

Welcome to your search for a Professional Placement! 

On this page you will find a section relating to your course. In there will be the important information you need to prepare yourself for your search.

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To complete your employability audit you will need to enter one of the enrolment keys below.  Find the key that matches your department at the University of Essex, enter it into the enrolment key box (at the bottom of the page) and click Enrol me

Biological Sciences (bs)

CCFEA (fe)

Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies (cp)

CISH (ih)

CSEE (cs)

East 15 (ea)

Economics (ec)

Essex Business School (be)

Government (gv)

Health & Human Sciences (hh)

History (hs)

Human Rights (hr)

International Academy (ia)

ISER (is)

Language & Linguistics (ll)

Law (lw)

LiFTS (lt)

Mathematical Sciences (ms)

Other (ot)

Philosophy and Art History (pa)

Psychology (ps)

Sociology (sc)

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