The module will provide an overview of the key concepts and perspectives drawn from sociology and psychology that inform the teoretical frameworks for social work practice. The module also acquaints students with the historical and theoretical development of the social work profession and explores debates around avidence-based pratice.
The module will support the student to explore and understand the foundations of legislation, social policy and social work practice. This will include an overview of core legislation in the areas of children and young people, mental health, youth and adult justice safeguarding and protection and disability
At the core of this module will be opportunities for the student to undertake exploration of self and to gain knowledge of their behaviours, responses and feelings and how these may impact on social work practice.
The module will provide an overview of human development within a framework of research and evidence based practice and involving exploration and analysis. The module will support and encourage the students to explore the interactions of lifespan development and social work practice.
The module will provide a sound foundation to support the student to develop critical reflective practice and understand the role of reflection and evidence based practice within contemporary social work. The module has a central focus on social work practice models such as problem solving, task-centred, solution-focussed, narrative and cognitive behavioural approaches. The module will also examine and explore a number of contemporary social work theories.
The module focuses on the centrality of Critical Reflection within social work practice and reflects the increasing awareness of the role of professional challenge in interdisciplinary and partnership working. Critical reflection and professional challenge are significant contemporary issues within social work: Domain 6 of the PCF Critical Reflection and Analysis states the core principles of “critical thinking and reasoned discernment” “augmented by creativity and curiosity” as central approaches to effective social work.
This module prepares the student for independent study by consolidating and extending the knowledge and skills developed in the second year module on methodologies. The module presents an overview of the range of perspectives in contemporary research in the social sciences. This will allow students to locate research objectives and methodologies within wider contexts enabling them to reflect upon and identify assumptions that might otherwise remain tacit and unexplored in their own developing research interests.
The module supports the student to explore the understandings of social work interventions and the interactions of theory, models, methods and interventions. The students will be encouraged to integrate ideas, knowledge and skills from previous modules and practice placement experience to contribute to their developing understanding of assessment, analysis, making judgements and implementing intervention. The module delivery will also emphasise that the module provides the foundations for designing and implementing interactions but that experience, further support and ethical reflection and ongoing CPD etc. is essential for developing effective practice.
"A practice educator is usually a registered professional who supports learners in the workplace. They facilitate practice education alongside clinical and academic colleagues. In addition, the practice educator is likely to hold responsibility for signing off competency and assessment criteria, based upon the standards produced by the education provider and relevant professional body; although it is recognised that local models of delivery and assessment will apply." (The Health and Care Professions [H&CP] Practice Education Guidance, 2016)
This module is designed to provide a structure for individuals to develop the knowledge and skills to act as a recognised practice educator in their field of professional practice. Where professional or regulatory body requirements exist for recognised practice educator status within a particular field of health or social work practice, this module will provide the framework to be eligible to apply to meet the competencies and requirements. This includes:
* The Health and Care Professions Council's (HCPC) Standards of Education and Training
* The Health and Care Professions (H&CP) Practice Education Guidance
* The Higher Education Academy's UK Professional Standards Framework
* The College of Social Work Practice Educator Professional Standards for Social Work (PEPS)
* The Social Work Reform Board Practice Educator Professional Standards for Social Work
* The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) Advanced Level Professional Capabilities