To store courses that are related to projects running at the University.

A course to store notes, thoughts and discussions around assessment and feedback, including the Making Electronic Feedback Effective and TESTA projects.

Welcome to the ASEP Moodle site. We hope this gives you a good overview of the programme and the work underway. 

ASEP is developing day-by-day, week-by-week, so make sure to check in regularly for new and updated information.  

The purpose of this site is to keep you informed, so please don't hesitate to contact the Programme Team via with ideas or comments on what information you would find useful. You can also add your thoughts and ideas to the Your feedback and Input section of this site. 

A project to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health. In collaboration with The School of Health and Social Care and Health Education England (NHS). Funded by Health Education England.

Phase 1 of the "Moodle at the Heart of Learning" project aims to bring all relevant learning materials into the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment. This will make it much easier for students to find resources when they need to use them.

This Moodle course contains information and useful resources related to the project.

Assessment and feedback is an important part of the student experience at university and an important topic of change and improvement at Essex. The Making Electronic Feedback Effective project will be looking widely at the assessment and feedback processes at the University.

This Moodle course will provide resources and information relating to assessment and feedback practices and will also be used to communicate with those involved in the project.

ARTEMIS stands for Audience Response Technology to Enhance Meaningful Interaction with Students. This project aims to review popular student response technologies, e.g. TurningPoint, Poll Everywhere, Mentimeter, Kahoot and Plickers.

We will also be looking at different pedagogical approaches to using this kind of technology, e.g. Peer Instruction and Scenario-Based Learning.

This project is looking at improving our current provision of reading lists to students. The main aim is to improve the student experience by ensuring they have access to reading lists for all of their modules, they know where to find them and the books they need are available in the library or book shop as and when they are required.

This Moodle area will be updated with information about the project as well as being a place to open discussion about any topics surrounding reading lists or give the project team feedback.

It is open to all staff and students so feel free to invite anyone who would be interested!